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Letter: Economy has not been improving

Are we better off today than we were four years ago?

Unemployment remains above 8 percent nationally. Among recent college graduates and minorities it's much higher. Gasoline has doubled in price, causing higher consumer prices. Our national debt has increased to $16 trillion. Our economy has not improved in spite of the fact the recession was declared officially over three years ago. Spending by and growth of government continues to increase. Outsourcing of jobs continues because of government regulations, high taxes and uncertainty of future taxing, regulations and Obamacare requirements.

President Obama made several promises while campaigning four years ago. He criticized then President Bush but promised change by cutting government spending, decreasing the national debt, getting the economy going, decreasing unemployment to about 6 percent by creating jobs, having a transparent administration, eliminating polarization in Congress among other promises. He also said if these things weren't accomplished he'd expect to be a one-term president.

Now he's running for a second term without the slogan of "Hope and Change" and without a record of accomplishments. He's running a polarizing campaign using minimum and inconsequential issues against his opponent.

Because of the biased national media, although some changes are occurring, we know very little about what President Obama has as a mission for our country.

Based on a book titled Obamanation, the author Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., alleges President Obama, is a radical liberal. This is based on Obama's 20-year association with socialists such as Saul Alinsky organization, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Louis Farrakhan, the black liberation theology (Reverend White) and others.

Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky writings and worked closely with the others as a community organizer and depended on their help and support as a politician. To them radical socialism means redistribution of wealth. Change is a code word for social revolution. The words they use are intended to hide the truth.

Obama has stated his minimum involvement with these people but it is apparent from his actions and leadership as president he's moving us toward socialism.

Keep in mind that when the government fears the people we have a free society but when the people fear the government we are in deep trouble.

Arnold Leshovsky