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Letter: Downtown needs public restrooms

I have no idea what our pioneer fathers would have liked to have on Main street. I do imagine that they would have liked a space that was friendly and hospitable to guests and travelers.

Park Rapids has developed a recent reputation of being a beautiful, artistic, friendly and shopping destination. Our wonderful development projects have paid off beautifully. Let's keep going.

But explain to me why visitors have to go from store to store asking for bathrooms. It's inconvenient at best for mothers with children, but embarrassing for senior adults. No stores on Main have signs saying that they have public facilities, only stores saying that they don't. We encourage individuals and groups to shop - but provide them not the basic facilities.

Come on Park Rapids, we can come up with money for stages, parks and other venues for visitors, but not public toilets? We haul portable toilets in for special events but don't provide them for day to day shopping. What does that say about us? Do we need to take up a collection to become a friendly and accommodating city?

Pioneer Park is a central location in the downtown, with plumbing, electricity and alley access. Why aren't public toilet facilities in the plan there? If not permanent facilities, at least temporary, summer facilities. Portable toilets are serviced by the companies that own them. Permanent facilities can be serviced by contractors.

Do what's right for the thousands of visitors we hope to have visit our beautiful town. It's a basic consideration!

Nancy Englund

Park Rapids