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Letter: Dotta has strong finance background

The decision will soon be made for a new county commissioner for District 2 in which I am a voter.

For those of you that do not know me, I was a General Manager and Senior Vice president of RDO Equipment Company in Fargo N.D., retiring to the Park Rapids area in 2007. The good news for Hubbard County is that we have two good younger gentlemen running for this county commissioner position. I strongly feel that one of them has a stronger background in finance and business management as well as the commitment to give the position adequate time and energy to do the job well.

Matt Dotta has obtained the educational background and experience in finance and business administration to prepare him to make the tough financial decisions necessary to keep our county's finances in proper order for the residents. His working experiences have proven that he is accustomed to and fully capable of participating in the management of organizations of significant size (Hubbard County's budget of approximately $30,000,000 is significant). He also has the education and experience to make good decisions for Hubbard County concerning county employees, benefit plans, fleet management, tax assessment, personnel performance evaluation, and other necessary areas with quality decision making.

Matt is a family man with four children and has made a commitment to the Hubbard County area.

He moved here to make this his permanent home and to raise his children here. He wants to be a contributor to our community and county by serving us, the residents. Let's give him that chance by voting for him Nov. 6.

John Hastings

Park Rapids