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Letter: Dotta has education, experience

We understand how important it is to have a county board that does everything it can to support tourism, which is critical to our county.

We have lived on Fish Hook Lake for over 16 years. We operated our property as a bed and breakfast for the first 6 years and then for the last 3 years have rented out our suite as a room rental only.

Since there are numerous demands on the county to fund various services and programs, it is vital today that our commissioners have a strong background in management, finance, including real estate tax levies, budgeting and financial reporting, creating a vision for the future and planning on how to achieve goals. Also, the county board needs to operate on a proactive visionary basis, rather than continuing to operate on a reactive basis.

We believe that Matt Dotta is the only District 2 candidate that has the necessary education (Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration) and extensive work experience in finance, management, and leadership to be the next Commissioner from District 2.  Also, as a City Council member Matt had the experience of dealing with many of the same issues that face our county board today.

We strongly urge you to vote for Matt Dotta.

Phil and Liz Smith

Park Rapids