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Letter: Don’t forget other victims in tragedy

Although someone was acquitted of a crime doesn’t necessarily mean that they were innocent. It means that there was not enough evidence to convince a jury of one’s peers to convict. The former county attorney must have had enough evidence to bring a criminal sexual case to trial, which regrettably he lost. As I continue to follow the unfortunate death of a Hubbard County resident I would like to remind people about the other victims of this tragedy.

The comments being made about the criminal sexual assault case and the minor boys that were involved are disturbing. Statements regarding the boys, including their troubled young lives, the several previous foster placements, and the assumption that they were known to be dishonest and couldn’t be trusted. It seems like the boys are being victimized all over again. Who represents the voice of the victims and why are they being maligned in the press? Are they on trial, or is there a purpose to make blanket statements regarding the events of several years ago? Is this relevant to the ongoing investigation on the deceased?

I had the privilege to become the last foster parent for one of those “troubled” boys. He graduated from high school, attended technical college, enlisted and served in the National Guard, and is now a productive member of society. He was a welcome addition to our family and he will always be my son. I believe my son when he told me what was going on in that house. I am not sure which wound is worse, the abuse, or the fact that many adults did not believe the boys.

Brenda Johnson

Park Rapids