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Letter: Done with voting

The first presidential election I voted in was in l968.

The last election I'll vote in will be 20l2.  When the state of Minnesota turned down the voter ID amendment, I realized that my vote in the future will be meaningless.  Thanks to a heavy push by far left groups like the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), and the League of Women Voters, (Democratic Women Voters), among others, the amendment was defeated.  So why should I bother to vote in the future when illegals and felons can vote, and others can vote multiple times?

I don't believe there is a possibility of fraud in small communities like all the voting places in Hubbard County.  Everybody here knows one and other and I trust the people that work long hours at the voting stations in our community.  But when it comes to the big cities, that is another story.  There is far too much opportunity for fraud in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and especially Chicago, a city that reeks of corruption.

In this last election Obama was getting l00 percent of the vote in some areas of Philadelphia.  In fact he was getting more votes than were registered voters in certain voting districts.  So without voter ID my vote in the future would be meaningless.  I can't compete with the crooks.  And until things change, I won't vote.

Tom R. Kovac