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Letter: Do you have an Advance Directive?

Do you know what healthcare treatments you would or would not want if you could not speak for yourself? Do other people know what your wishes are? The 6th annual National Healthcare Decision Day is Tuesday, April 16. This is a day for all people, regardless of age or current health, to consider the importance of making their healthcare wishes known to loved ones and their care providers.

Making healthcare decisions is often difficult. Making decisions for others can be even more complicated. Each of us has the ability to inform our healthcare providers and our loved ones about what we want. Advance Directives give you the ability to document the types of healthcare you do and do not want, and to name a primary agent to speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself. Having an Advance Directive can be valuable for all adults.

Healthcare directive information packets are available at the south lobby and emergency registration desks at St. Joseph’s Area Health services in Park Rapids or ask your healthcare provider for Advance Directive information.

With healthcare, your decisions matter. To honor your wishes, others need to know your preferences. Now is the time to begin the process with your loved ones to decide, discuss and document your healthcare wishes, whatever they may be.

Rev. Randall Hachfeld

Hospital and Hospice Chaplain

St. Joseph’s Area Health Services