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Letter: Divided we stand, together we fall

What happened to our country? It is obvious with this vote that over half of the country doesn't care about honesty, truth, integrity and American values.

My faith in the people of America is in real question.

I am saddened that more care about government assistance and what the government can do for them than what they can do for themselves.

With this vote there will be huge consequences that will come with it. Increased and higher taxes with a greater debt. Government-run healthcare that will not work. Higher unemployment because of job loss due to the overwhelming amount of regulations that will be applied to small and big business. A dollar that is already falling in value. Disregard of the Constitution. Attacks on religion and disregard to the Christian values.

Unbelievable energy costs and food costs due to inflation caused by the falling dollar. The lack of foreign affairs. Is there no concern over the major issues of the economy, unemployment rate, jobless rate, healthcare, foreign policy, gas prices, coal and oil, inflation, the President's cover-up in Libya. This cover-up alone warrants impeachment. He lied, he knew and he is not being held responsible for it.

It is concerning to me that he does not care about American lives. We will see what becomes of this hurricane mess and see if he helps Americans here in America.

I honestly cannot believe the last four years meant anything to American voters. Good luck to the next four years, America. Remember later that you had a chance at one time to have real change!

Bill Rice