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Letter: Disappointed by story about spirits

In the Wednesday, Oct. 30 edition of the Park Rapids Enterprise I was disappointed to see a featured article entitled “Experiencing the paranormal.” The article received both front page coverage plus additional column space with photographs of paranormal activity that a local resident is currently experiencing in her home. It is quite unnerving to hear about spirits visiting homes and the dead communicating with people. There are activities that are occult based that people experience, but why should the newspaper highlight them?

The occult world offers a very dark side of life. It is a world that people should not be lured into by what some might think is an exciting news story.

We still proclaim that we are a Christian nation and with that proclamation we maintain that God is the Supreme Being and that the Bible is true. The Bible clearly states that we should not be involved in any occult activity of any kind. It declares that when a man dies he will not return unto his house ever again. It also proclaims that the living know that they shall die but the dead know not anything.

Whole nations were destroyed in the Old Testament because of their occult activities. Even Martin Luther believed that the dead do not come back to appear to us after they die. He believed that when a person dies they are no longer living. According to the Bible there is a conflict going on between good and evil, between Christ and Satan. So what are the spirits that come back, that people see? They are not of God, as the Bible declares that God hates sorcery, so they are of Satan. In the Bible, King Saul of Israel was determined to know more about an upcoming important battle, so he visited a witch and asked her to bring up the prophet Samuel from his grave. So, Samuel was brought up by the witch and King Saul communicated with this satanic being that represented the prophet and the next day King Saul lost his life. Because, the Bible is so clearly against occult practices or conversing with the dead through spirits or sorcery, we should pay attention.

We should know that when we lay a loved one in the grave we have the Biblical promise of the resurrection. But until then, even though we mourn, we should be at peace, knowing that our loved one will not return to haunt us. The Bible gives a clear unmistakable picture of this.

Sharon Erickson

Park Rapids