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Letter: Dialysis center needed in area

Three years ago I would not have thought about Park Rapids needing a kidney dialysis center. However, today I do. I depend on many people, including the Nevis Lions Club, who volunteer their time to take me to Detroit Lakes for dialysis three times a week. I can't thank these people enough for all they do. We put on 300 miles a week and each trip takes about eight hours.

I would like to know why there wasn't a center built here in Park Rapids. I'm certainly not the only one in the area who needs dialysis. I know of four others besides me and I'm guessing there are more.

Each session is about $1,000. It's easy math - that's $3,000 a week just for me. For five people it would be $15,000 a week. I can't believe that isn't enough to financially support a center here.

Think of the jobs it would create. My doctor in Detroit Lakes said he would serve Park Rapids if we had a dialysis center. There seems to be enough empty buildings that could be used for a dialysis center - the old J&B Foods building or Pamida are perfect examples. It would be nice to know if others who would be in favor of lobbying for a dialysis center here in Park Rapids.

Please contact me at 732-5056 if you support bringing a dialysis center to Park Rapids.

Kent Johnson