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Letter: Deer hunters thankful for hide donations

The Park Rapids Chapter of Minnesota Deer Hunters would like to thank all the hunters that have donated hides in the boxes around Park Rapids, Nevis, Akeley, Walker, Osage and Two Inlets.

A special thank you to the Hubbard County Sentenced to Serve Program for assisting with this project. A total of 778 hides were collected this year. The funds generated from this activity sponsor youth activities in schools, summer camps, and the purchase of seed for members to plant food plots and trails. It has also been used to put Archery in the Schools and sponsor wildlife programs in schools.

We know our local and state chapters are very interested in encouraging outdoor activities for youth. Thanks for helping the Park Rapids Chapter to be able to fund and encourage these activities.

Thank you.

Armin Hawkins

Habitat Chairman Park Rapids Chapter