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Letter: Dearstyne is logical choice for attorney

I will leave the question of residence alone for now. Your letter goes to show how far you are willing to go in a smear campaign. You are the only candidate to drag innocent bystanders into the argument with a patent disregard for their feelings. You did this at Nevis, The Pioneer and the Enterprise. The family in question's feelings have been made public. They are satisfied with the resolution of the case. Bringing my family into it was wrong - shame on you. I am an Army Veteran with one vote at my disposal, and I intend to use it. I voiced my opinion of your candidacy based on my experience watching you operate in a courtroom. Your actions speak volumes.

Nate Welte does not have the experience necessary to perform the duties of County Attorney. By his own admission, Lake Property Disputes are about the most complex cases he's handled. He hasn't ever tried a felony case or grand jury proceeding in his entire career.

The candidate to fill this position needs integrity and experience. It is possible in another 10 years Nate Welte will have enough experience. Whether he makes a good County Attorney depends on the outcomes of cases and how he handles them. It also depends on the moral integrity he is able to maintain during this training. Seeing first hand some of his courtroom antics, these areas will all have to be improved upon if he is to represent the people of Hubbard County.

The Hubbard County Attorney is elected by the people of Hubbard County to represent the people of Hubbard County. This is a vote that each individual should consider very carefully. Would you take a chance voting for someone you don't know or do you vote for the time proven, rock solid performer you already have in Don Dearstyne. Don continues to make the office run efficiently and more responsibly with every case they try. I think the vote should be clear and Don Dearstyne is the logical choice.

In summary, don't waste a vote on inexperience and showboating. Put it to good use on a candidate with a solid foundation, who will continue to represent the citizens of Hubbard County with our best interests in mind. "Let Don drive on."

Scott Gilbertson