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Letter: Country needs input, support

We were fortunate last week to see and hear from an 83-year-old woman born in Austria. In 1938 Hitler was elected to office with 88 percent of the vote. His first task was to send every citizen a radio. Then he nationalized the radio stations and started his propaganda.

Soon he nationalized the Volkswagen Company and took over all health care. After this he nationalized the banks that belonged to the Jews. Before long he promised all kinds of free services and everyone was happy and thought he was fine. Soon health care had deteriorated and all the doctors that could, left.

Does all this sound familiar? Think how far our country has deteriorated in the past 21 months. More debt than all the presidents in history. Record long term unemployment.

This is not a partisan problem; this is a problem for our republic. Please vote and speak up. Our country needs your input and support.

Larry Swenson

Park Rapids