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Letter: Correcting the 'boat's' sponsors

I'm a past president, among other things, of the Twin Cities Council of the Navy League of the United States. One of our functions is to try to insure that matters involving the Navy are correctly reported and there is one piece of the article in the latest Enterprise about

our newest sub that needs some work.

It involves the boat's (subs

are called boats in the Navy-I was a destroyerman so I don't know why) sponsor, Ellen Roughead.

OK, let's go:

Ellen may have been born in Minneapolis but considers Granite Falls her hometown. For some years she has been a Virginia resident while her husband, Gary, served as Chief of Naval Operations, the #1 job in the Navy and the most senior admiral. He retired in 2011 and is now an Annenberg Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. It may have been her father who was the LCDR back in WW II-I don't have that fact at hand but could get it if it were important, which it is not.

Gary is worth Googling because he served as commander of both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets among his assignments. That's very significant-I think he may be the only man ever to do that. Somehow, it seems to me that, as sponsor of the boat, Ellen needs to be correctly described in connection with the article because it shows

how important this is to the Navy.

I think the Navy's involving people at that level in the sponsorship is a big deal and our state should be proud to be given that attention.

By the way, I met John Fancher, the CO of the boat, at a function in the Cities last month. Looks like he's right out of college, but obviously a star. (Everyone looks young to me now)He's still a Commander but has been selected for Captain. Very bright, very pleasant and doing a heck of a job spreading the word in Minnesota (with help from my old organization and others, of course). I wish I'd known then of his local connection.

Austin Stibbe