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Letter: Consider submissions for shelter calendar

On a recent visit to the animal shelter I was so very lucky to be greeted by a precious little “Angel” who would melt your heart to see her now, so full of life and a great happy little greeter. Thanks to so many caring people.

What started as a sad time in Angel’s life (that she was left to die, no food, no water, no love) should never happen to any living animal. No matter how sick or hurt, an inhuman act of torture is not acceptable at any time. A soft word or a human touch can make all the difference in their life.

We can cry and hurt for these pets but I choose to go a little bit further.

Every year the Headwaters Animal Shelter has a contest to enter your pet for a calendar for a small fee and also buy votes for 25 cents each.

This year, instead of entering our dog “Ole,” who we love dearly and was also abused as a puppy, we chose to enter Angel as Rachelle Kern was very kind to share her love and allowed us to sponsor her for the contest. I hope other animal lovers will join us to buy votes for Angel in hopes of having her on the cover of the 2014 calendar.

She is a little fighter for life and needs to be recognized as such. If you know of any abused pet, how about talking to their owner and sponsor one of these pets instead of entering your own this year to give another one a chance to be in the 2014 pages for 12 months of the year calendar?

I hope there is a lot of compassion in our great community as to let it be known that not all people are abusive and also know there are a lot of caring people and help this bloom into a project of huge voting for 2014.

These pets are special and as a community we need to show we care and will not allow this to happen in our town and we can make a difference.

Let’s all help buy votes for Angel and friends and let the shelter know we care and thank them for the great job they do.

Carol Thiede

Park Rapids