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Letter: Conservation involves hunters, fishermen

In response to a letter in the June 25 Enterprise, it pains me when ignorance rears its ugly head. However, ignorance can be fixed, so here goes. How can a gun shooting range fit into the goals of a Conservation Club?

Point 1. Hunters, fishermen, trappers, and others who enjoy the outdoors are the backbone of the conservation movement. And have been since at least the 1800s. The Issac Waltons were one of the first conservation clubs and they promoted shooting sports. I don’t have the numbers at my fingertips, but the money coming in from hunting and fishing licenses, stamps and tags are one of the larger sources of income for the State of Minnesota.

Hunters don’t shoot just one week out of the year. In order to be accurate and not cause their prey undue distress, good hunters practice, practice, and practice some more. If all the hunters out during just the first week of deer rifle season in just Minnesota and Wisconsin were to be collected into an army, it would be the largest army in the world. With that many people (both men and women and young people), practicing, they need a safe place where their bullets will do no harm. A conservation club is the best place. It’s a lot better than someone setting up beer cans on their back fence not knowing who is on the other side.

Point 2. The State of Minnesota passed a law several years ago making it illegal to harass an existing gun club. This law was passed not just for those who hunt and fish, but for everyone who believes that our Constitution needs to be supported.

Dan Mitchell

Former President,

Osage Sportsman’s Club