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Letter: Connect and elect Nov. 6

On Election Day, every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast a vote for the future. This is the day that we as Americans individually vote and collectively determine the future of our nation. We vote to take control of what matters most to us: our education and healthcare, the economy, our children, our parents and our environment. We vote for one another. The more of our friends and neighbors who participate, the more our democracy will actually reflect the community we live in.

This year, we plan to connect with as many of my friends, family and neighbors as possible before Election Day. We'll be casting a broad net to make sure that we have company at the ballot box.

Locally, we'll be calling our friends to see when they're planning on voting and who needs a ride to the polls. For those we know in other cities and states, we'll be reaching out with phone calls and Facebook messages to make sure people are planning to vote and have the information they need to do so. We want to share our enthusiasm for seeing democracy at work, especially in a year like this when there is so much at stake. Together, our votes determine who will be elected and what happens to our families and our communities.

On the national level, polls are showing that the presidential race is exceptionally close, that every vote will make a difference and that together Americans' voices will count. This is the time for all of us to weigh in and stand up for the issues that matter most to us as voters.

The outcome of this election will make an incredible difference in everyone's lives. We hope that every registered voter will make sure you and your friends and family are ready to cast your vote on Nov. 6.

This November, we will connect as a nation to elect our policymakers and shape our future. It is a critical moment for our country, and we look forward to sharing it not only with those closest to us, but also with the rest of our fellow Americans. We hope that you will too.

Annamae Holzworth, Co-president

Carolynne White, Co-president

League of Women Voters of

Park Rapids