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Letter: Congressman Nolan doing the right thing

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group funded by the Koch brothers, want residents of the 8th Congressional District to think people having access to affordable health insurance is bad. The Koch brothers are famous for spending their vast wealth to rewrite the rules of government to benefit the nation’s richest 1 percent at the expense of the other 99 percent of hard-working Americans.

The Koch brothers have put Congressman Rick Nolan in their targets because they know he is doing right by his constituents. Congressman Nolan voted in favor of bipartisan legislation to allow Americans to keep their health plans, if they so choose, until they can secure a better plan under Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Thanks to the ACA, insurance companies can no longer discriminate based on pre-existing conditions, people are accessing preventive services without a copay and millions of young people are benefitting by staying on their parents’ health insurance plans. Because of the ACA, and Minnesota’s marketplace exchange MNsure, some people will have access to affordable health care for the first time in their lives.

The Koch brothers are out of touch with residents of northeastern Minnesota. As billionaires they cannot understand that having a health crisis without insurance can bankrupt a family; how many lives will be saved with access to preventive services; and the stress of being 20something with a college degree and searching for a good-paying job with benefits. Ironically, with three heart attacks, the man singled out by the Koch brothers will still be guaranteed insurance under ACA - but would have an extremely high probability of being cancelled under the old system.

While there have been issues with rolling out health care exchanges, the bottom line is that when the dust clears millions of Americans will buy health insurance and have access to care that billionaires like the Koch brothers take for granted.

Ken Martin

Chairman, Minnesota DFL