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Letter: Common sense vs. hysteria on guns

We need common sense rules on guns. As a gun owner, a background check doesn't bother me, I have nothing to hide, people against background checks must be hiding something ... if "guns don't kill people, people do," then why not do background checks on people?

I don't need a clip that holds more than 10 rounds. People that need a large capacity magazine need more practice.

I don't believe civilians need military weapons for "sport" or hunting. The basic AR15 is a military M16 that is not fully automatic capable, and will fire just as fast as you can pull the trigger, about three rounds per second. It can be made fully automatic illegally with a kit. It is a weapon and ammunition combo that was created to inflict maximum damage on the enemy body it enters, as the bullet tumbles upon entry. One round shot into a pumpkin causes it to explode. There wouldn't be much edible meat left on a deer if shot with one. Can you imagine what it would do to a 6-year-old?

There is no civilian use for armor piercing bullets - it's what you'd need if hunting people.

On "good guys with guns" stopping "bad guys with guns:" On the day of the Columbine shootings, there were two armed deputies in the school before and during the shooting. The shooting didn't stop till the shooters shot themselves. During the Tucson shooting there was a "good guy with a gun" present and he almost shot the unarmed good guy that took Jared Loftner down.

The Clinton COPS program was defunded by the GOP, showing we don't want to pay for protection. Which teachers/classes are we willing to do away with to pay for armed deputies in schools? Some say we pay too many taxes for education already; does anyone have an idea on how to pay for armed guards, too? Eighty-five percent of children killed by guns in the world are killed in the U.S. It's time for clear thinking, common sense regulation.

The NRA opposes all regulation, even lobbying against basic checks against the Terror Watch List on gun purchases. National security doesn't take precedence over their wanting to sell guns to terrorists. They use gun control hysteria to sell guns and get contributions, it's their business. Not much common sense in evidence.

Sanda Oslin

Sturgeon Lake