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Letter: Church could bring people downtown

I know it has been a rough few years for Main street with the economy and the overhaul of the street. But the storefront owners need to realize they are business owners. Some most likely having been praying for things to get better. Now from my vantage point I think the prayer was heard loud and clear ... and answered. saying "I will bring them to Main street on a slow Sunday all year round (with the new church). The rest is up to you!"

This is an opportunity! Do not fight it. It brings people to Main street... Perhaps people that will wish to do a Sunday lunch after church, and others whom now that they are there will shop, or get gas or, an ice cream cone. It brings people to Main street all year round, and that my friends is what you need. If it is three blocks off... then perhaps the business goes to Walmart or Burger King. Consider this strongly as it truly is an opportunity.

Main street in my humble opinion closes way too early. I have gone for ice cream at a Main street storefront on Memorial Day weekend only to find they were closed for a private party. I ended up at a gas station to get my ice cream. Now they get all my ice cream business cause I found they were a great value for a great cone. If the competition had remained open on the busiest day of the year I would have never found the gas station and had great cones cheap.

So keep your doors open, hire help if you personally do not wish to be there past dinner, and see your bottom line improve with the new improved opportunities for people to do business with you. Now you also have helped increase a teenager's ability to spend money on Main street, with a much needed job for the young. It's a win-win. Prayers answered ... God bless!

Craig Bingen

Park Rapids and Minneapolis