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Letter: Chip Cravaack is a real patriot

President Obama is set to pass the largest tax hike in history. America is teetering on the brink of a Greece style total economic meltdown. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has issued in urgent warning to the spendaholics in Washington, "either control your spending, or the U.S. will face a debt crisis even more severe than Greece or Ireland." And no one is going to bail the U.S. out like they did Greece.

The Obama regime is not heeding the warning and they are moving full speed ahead to kill the Bush tax cuts for the most successful Americans. Destroying the Bush tax cuts will drain what little money is left in the private sector, freeze consumer spending and cause an enormous surge in unemployment. President Obama has added more to the deficit in 19 months than 43 presidents from Washington to Reagan combined.

It is imperative that we retire Jim Oberstar, in Congress for 36 years. Oberstar has lost touch with us and is in lock step with all of President Obama's wild and reckless spending. Oberstar is spending money we don't have and borrowing from the Chinese. You can help reduce this reckless spending by voting for Chip Cravaack, a real patriot.

Richard Bogaard

Park Rapids