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Letter: Character defines the man

The presidential election is coming up very shortly.  And while I think that President Obama has failed in a lot of areas, including reducing the unemployment rate, stabilizing the cost of living, introducing a workable health plan, etc. etc., lets look for a minute at the character of the man (President Obama).  Think about it; a few short weeks after he was sworn in as President, the Nobel Peace Committee ( or whatever they call themselves) nominated Mr. Obama for the Peace Prize.  And he accepted.  For what?  Did the Nobel Peace Committee have a crystal ball?  If they did, it failed.  Because the world is just as hostile (if not more) than when the president took office.  He knows that.  But yet he accepted the prize.

Character often determines the person, man or woman, who are often in the limelight.  During World War II, President Roosevelt awarded the Medal of Honor to Gen. Douglas MacArthur.  He accepted.  Gen. Eisenhower was also awarded the Medal of Honor.  He refused.  And rightly so.  Now as a former enlisted man in the U.S. Army, I have no use for generals.  I look at them as I do trial lawyers... an evil necessity.  But Ike showed character when he refused the Medal of Honor...MacArthur didn't.

Now with all the problems facing our country and our world right now, that might seem like a minor detail to a lot of people.  But when Mr. Obama accepted that Peace Prize, he did for his own personal gain.  He showed a lack of character.  A real person of substance would have refused the prize because he knew he did not deserve it.  Think about that when you vote. makes a big, big difference.

Tom R. Kovach