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Letter: A challenge for the leaders of our community

I'm writing to the public and members of the community. I have lived in Park Rapids for about a year now. It didn't take long to see that the community is poor.

We have a lot of good organizations working to try to get business and industry in the area. But I haven't seen any new employers or prospective employers come up since I moved here. So I issue a challenge to the community, mayor and city council, the Chamber of Commerce, Progress Park Rapids, SCORE, HCREDC and the Northwest Minnesota Foundation.

The challenge is to get an employer that employs 30 people or more to move into the community within 3 years. This shouldn't be a hard task with three technical schools and a college all within an hour's distance. The work force is great here in Park Rapids. Also, we have many open buildings available to lease. So let's work at giving the youth of our community a reason to stay here and not move away.

Michael D. Alcanter

Park Rapids