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Letter: Carlson stood out at forum

I would like to thank the League of Women Voters for conducting the forum for the county and state political candidates in our voting district. It was so helpful to get to know the candidates in a much more personal way than having to rely on signs or media one liners.

One particular candidate who stood out was John Carlson, who is running for the state senate seat in District 4. He is articulate, he gives simple and thoughtful answers that get right to the point, he looks for solutions to problems instead of obstacles that would prevent the solution, and he does not have to check the party line for the answer. Mr. Carlson was willing to give credit to an opponent when he thought credit was due and didn't seem interested in approaching a problem by first finding someone to blame.

I believe we have an exceptional candidate in Mr. Carlson, and we would miss a great opportunity by not electing him to represent us in the Minnesota Senate.

Thank you, League of Women Voters, for helping to highlight this exceptional candidate.

Ken Spurlin