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Letter: Care about land, not big oil companies

After reading the article in the June 14 Enterprise about Republican State Rep. Steve Green’s local town hall meeting, I was horrified.

He said he was for the Enbridge Pipeline. He feels it is safe. If we don’t move the oil through this pipeline we are “tying up our rail cars and doing more damage to our roads.”

Obviously he doesn’t pay attention to the Enbridge record of spills and leaks. Obviously he thinks the roads are more important than our rivers, streams, wetlands, organic farming, aquifers and the natural environment.

It seems that big oil and big money can do whatever they please, no matter what the damage to our environment.

So I ask Rep. Green: “Are you going to listen to the people who care about the land, or listen to and support the big companies that only care about more money?”

And I ask the people: “Are you ready to conserve our resources, work for alternate energy sources and perhaps begin to live a more simple life and enjoy the beauty around us?

The time has come to make decisions that we, our children and grandchildren can live with.

Marlene Weber