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Letter: Captured 'A Piece of My Heart'

My wife and I attended the Park Rapids High School production of "A Piece of My Heart" on Dec. 10.

We knew this would not be your typical holiday season performance with the subject being, as the author describes, "what all war is about - suffering and destruction." The setting is the Vietnam War and the years following this conflict. The main characters played by the students are the female nurses and entertainers who served there, and the soldiers they helped. The students powerfully portrayed, as Director Juliann Kjenaas described, the "fear, horror, confusion and scarring of living through a war from the unique viewpoint of six female Vietnam veterans..."

Congratulations to the directors, cast and crew for creating this experience with a very sobering and moving message. One of the casts' biographies about the play wrote that he hoped it would bring tears. It did that and much more. You captured a piece of our hearts.

Jeff and Olga Mosner

Park Rapids