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Letter: Bucky Johnson is best choice for commissioner

There has been some talk about the business experience of Matt Dotta, which is fine. However, our commissioners are elected to represent the people of their district, just as senators, representatives, presidents, etc. are elected to make decisions for the people they are representing. I believe it takes a person many years to get to know the people and their wishes and desires. This means being involved in several community organizations, doing volunteer work, interacting with the people, both of the county and of his district as Jason (Bucky) Johnson does.

Jason (Bucky) Johnson is our best choice to represent the people in our county government in District 2. He has lived here and has worked with many of us, getting to know what we want and expect our tax dollars to be spent for. This does not necessarily take a college education, but does take a person who can relate to the people he represents. In the forum, Mr. Dotta stated he has lived here just a little over two years, and is not involved in community organizations yet. He stated that he attends community activities that are free, as well as home schools his children, so he is not being involved in area schools. Wow! This does not sound like a person with the leadership that I want making decisions for us, the people of Hubbard County.

Jason (Bucky) Johnson, has been involved in several community organizations doing volunteer work at his own expense, and everyone that knows him will vouch for his caring and compassion for his hometown, and going to bat for them when needed. Let's vote for the person who will represent us best, Jason (Bucky) Johnson.

Cassandra Thelen

Park Rapids