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Letter: Brita Sailer will get the job done

We all heard a lot of "promises" from the Republicans running for the state legislature in 2010. The "promises" repeated most often were a vigorous focus on jobs and the economy, and, as they repeated over and over, making the state government "live within its means."

Two years later, the results don't match their "promises." Instead of "living within our means," these Republican "politicians" foisted on Minnesotans a budget that borrows billions from our public schools, protects tax loopholes for big corporations at the expense of the middle class and puts the budget deficit on a credit card. Instead of a focus on jobs and the economy, we were given the elimination of the Homestead Property Tax Credit, as well as two divisive constitutional amendments.

Worst of all, the Republican majority shut down state government for a record 20 days. It is, therefore, not so amazing that GOP candidate Green is offering more of the same. Green would vote in lockstep with the GOP party leaders, and has shown no interest in helping the middle class.

It's time for all legislators of both parties to actually work together and work for Minnesota and its middle class again. Fortunately, we have a DFL candidate in Brita Sailer who is once again ready to work across the aisle and get the job done.

Brita won't be going to St. Paul with a partisan agenda, but with a desire to represent the people in our area and a focus on creating jobs, improving our schools, balancing the state budget honestly and fairly and growing the middle class.

Minnesota needs legislators who are willing to move past this gridlock and find common sense solutions. Brita has got my vote and I strongly urge you to do the same.

Dick Kimball

Park Rapids