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Letter: Both sides are at fault

I am apalled at the Forum editorial not because it takes both the President and Congress to task over the sequester but what it implies. The President did in fact go golfing with Tiger Woods over the President's Day weekend but it was in Florida and not in Hawaii as the Forum editorial stated.

The Forum also noted that Congress was on vacation but their vacation was not for a long weekend as was the President's, but for 10 days. As a matter of fact, if the Forum was to research the Congressional calendar they would find that the House calls for its members to be in Washington from Tuesday noon until Thursday noon almost every week of the year outside of regularly scheduled vacation times. I would suggest that that makes being a Congressman a very part-time job. It is hard to get things done when a part of the government is on the job part-time.

The problem is that the two branches of government cannot solve problems when they continually blame the other for causing the problem and take no responsibility for being a part of the problem. It certainly does not help when the Forum editorial board puts forth a statement that implies that it is primarily the fault of the President that we have not had any solutions to the sequester. Both sides are at fault.

Bob Schissel

Park Rapids