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Letter: Body grip traps pose hidden dange

Do you hunt, hike, otherwise spend time in the woods with your dog, or just walk your dog along rural roads? Do you know your dog is in danger of being killed in hidden and baited body grip traps?

Trapping season started on Oct. 20, at which time these dog-killing devices can be legally placed anywhere, including in road ditches and culverts, along public rights of way, and even along hiking trails. And it is illegal for you to disturb, tamper or disarm these traps if you're fortunate enough to find them before your dog does.

Dozens of dogs are killed in body grip traps each year and our legislature, with the leadership of Senator John Carlson, has failed to make our public lands and rights of way safe for all of us to use, but has rather pandered to the special interests of organized trappers who aren't responsible enough to do what's right.

There are simple solutions and trappers in many other states and Canadian provinces are already using dog-safe methods. You can read more about those solutions on www.doglovers4safetrap Please help us make our public lands and trails safe for everyone to use.

John Casson