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Letter: Biology, not bigotry in decision

Biology is the reason marriage must be defended as the union of one man and one woman not bigotry. Our bodies speak very eloquently for themselves!

Each person's body comes with a complete circulatory system, complete respiratory system, complete nervous system and complete digestive system. The only system that is incomplete is the reproductive system. A person needs someone of the opposite sex to complete the reproductive system. Only the union of a man and a woman completes the reproductive system and begets children. Therefore marriage between one man and one woman is endorsed by the government for the purpose just stated.

Also, marriage is not just about romantic relations. Marriage involves the public obligation to care for the children that might be produced by that relationship. To validate same sex marriage is merely validating the relationship between same sex partners which cannot of itself produce children for the perpetuation of society.

All research through the years has shown that the best place to raise children is with both a mother and father in a low conflict, lifelong committed relationship (i.e. marriage). These children are much more likely to be successful in life. Unfortunately, death and divorce sometimes make that not possible. There are many hardworking and brave single parents raising their children. But research has shown that these children have a better chance of success than children living in homes of same sex couples.

Same sex couples can commit themselves to each other in a lifelong commitment without government endorsement. They can set up legal wills to make sure their partner has the right to inherit any property shared by them both. About the only thing they cannot do is be eligible for the other partner's social security benefits. That is because social security was set up to provide for the surviving family members of the deceased (children under the age of 18 or the widower/widow). So often the wife chooses to delay her career to raise their children so it was/is a protection for the natural family members.

If this is bigotry then our country has been populated by bigots for the last 200 plus years!

These are the reasons I am voting yes for the Marriage Amendment.

Mary Schiebe