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Letter: Be safe, obey traffic signals

Park Rapids is suffering a rash of yellow and red light signal crashers, particularly at the intersections of Highways 71 and 34 and Highway 34 and County Road 6.

Just yesterday, I was stopped at the junction of Highways 71 and 34, signaling to turn south on Highway 71. Both the turn signal light and the through traffic light had turned green. From north Highway 71, I noticed a semi-truck hauling a load star dump truck bearing down on the intersection. The driver never braked and directly continued to turn east onto Highway 34, totally ignoring the red light.

This was not the first time I have witnessed this blatant disregard to traffic signals. At times, it has been the “let’s beat the yellow light” syndrome. Car and truck drivers alike are guilty of these infractions.

Remember that a yellow light means slow down and prepare to stop. Red means stop ­– do not go through the intersection. Fortunately, I have not witnessed a collision, but I am concerned that this driving behavior is an accident waiting to happen. Please, for your safety and the safety of others, slow down and obey traffic signals. Thank you.