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Letter: Be critical of our government’s spending

There are four ways to spend money. You can spend your money on yourself or you can spend your money on someone else or, as government does, spend someone else’s money on themselves or spend someone else’s money on someone else.

There are three ways to acquire and maintain a robust economy. A country or state must grow a product, mine a product and make a product under a free and private enterprise system of government. A government managed economy along with distribution of wealth won’t do it.

Our stagnant economy and high unemployment is partially because our government and environmentalists throttling oil drilling and coal mining and use thereof in costly and time consuming permit of acquisition and requirements and high taxes on manufacturing companies.

As a consequence these companies that make things go to other less restrictive countries to build factories. The U.S. has a reputation of being a business unfriendly country. In spite of this, business friendly states like North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Texas have an economy doing much better than states like California, New York and Illinois, which have high taxes and regulations. Minnesota isn’t doing much better.

President Obama and other liberals in government including governors of many states in financial trouble believe increased taxes and spending are the solutions for expanding and growing the economy. What they really want is to spend someone else’s money on someone else to obtain power and control over people’s lives.

In recent years, people getting government aid has about doubled. This happened because government has made it possible for more people to qualify. Studies indicate that combining all the available benefits from the social welfare system are equivalent to someone making an average of about $20 an hour. Where is the incentive to work?

Americans are benevolent and caring people, ready and willing to help those in real need, but there are numerous well and able bodied people in the welfare program now supported by the working taxpayer. Take heed, this social welfare system will fail eventually because the system discourages the makers and increases the takers and when the makers are gone the takers have nothing.

The conservatives want to expand the economy by allowing and encouraging businesses to grow and create jobs. They believe in the free enterprise system, less government involvement and control, less taxes, self-reliance, independence, freedom to work and succeed, strong and stable family structure, high morals, personal initiative and encouragement to do their best.

Our government spending and borrowing is unstainable. When Obama’s term ends our national debt will be $20 to $21 trillion. We are paying about 2 ¼ percent average interest on our current debt of about $17 trillion. If interest increases to a normal 5 percent, our debt in three years will be about $1 trillion while income may be $3.5 to $4 trillion. This doesn’t leave much left for other things. There are dire consequences if taxes are increased and/or if borrowing continues.

It’s incumbent on all of us to become informed of what’s happening to our country and way of life and decide what we want as a future. Next year’s election is critical in making this determination.

Arnold Leshovsky