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Letter: Are you ready for global cooling?

The 700 scientists attending the fourth International Conference on Climate Change, sponsored by the Heartland Institute, had chilling news says Investors Business Daily.

"Global warming is over - at least for a few decades," Don Easterbrook, emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University, told the gathering.

According to Easterbrook, rather than global warming at a rate of about 1 degree Fahrenheit per decade, records of past natural cycles indicate there may be global cooling for the first few decades of the 21st century to about 2030.

Another presenter, James M. Taylor, an environmental policy expert and a fellow at the Heartland Institute, said that global cooling is happening now. He pointed to data provided by the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab showing snow records from the last 10 years exceeding the records set in the 1960s and 1970s.

Based on new analysis of ice cores from Greenland to Antarctica, global temperatures rose and fell from 9 to 15 degrees in a single century or less, a natural phenomenon that Easterbrook called "astonishing."

Doctor Alan Carlin, who was the chief scientist at the EPA for 26 years after 20 years studying climate change, reported similar climate change results. He was forced to shelve his report by this administration because it did not agree with conclusions put out by the UN.

And now the Senate is debating the jobs killing Cap and Trade bill. Call your senators and tell them to vote "no" on this bill.

Don Walsh

Park Rapids