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Letter: Amazing Chase in an 'amazing' community

We had the pleasure of being a member on one of the teams in the Kinship's Amazing Chase this past Saturday and had a blast! It was an afternoon filled with challenges, laughter, and complete fun! Before the Amazing Chase was completed last Saturday, we already knew that this was definitely something that we would love to be a part of again. Jason McCollum and Bill Simpson, organizers of the event, did an excellent job from start to finish. Each and every business/challenge host site was creative and really seemed excited to be a part of the event.

These thoughts keep bringing us back to the really "amazing" things that are happening in the Park Rapids community. There are so many positive partnerships that are taking place in this community; the collaborations that are occurring between the schools, hospital, businesses, local organizations, newspaper, churches, etc. are truly something that should be cherished. I guess it is just one more reason that we are proud to call Park Rapids our home.

Karl and Steph Carlson

Park Rapids