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Letter: Allegiance should be to country not party

Did you know that Obama as president knowingly with the help of Congressional Democrats signed into law and then implemented a massive budget bill that had NOT been passed by both houses of Congress – a clear violation of the Constitution?

That Obama deliberately had scientific reports from the EPA, the FDA, etc. altered to change their meanings?

That Obama secretly and illegally compiled a database of personal information on millions of Americans within the United States, including internet use, phone calls, banking records, etc.?

That when the Attorney General was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about Obama’s spying on citizens, the decision was made by the Democrats on the Committee that the Attorney General would NOT have to testify under oath like everyone else?

Did you know that Obama, instead of declaring laws passed by Congress unconstitutional and vetoing them, instead issued “signing statements:” while signing these bills into law he stated that 762 of these laws do not apply to him?

Make you angry? Me too!

Only guess what – ALL were done by George Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Are you still angry?

If not, you’d better ask yourself: “Is your allegiance to your country or to your party?” The silence of the Republicans while the above was being done speaks volumes in answer to that question.

I’m just as furious when Democrats act no differently than Bush did. It’s not who does it that determines right or wrong! It is what is being done that is important. And if Americans don’t start speaking against all abuses of power, even when their own party is doing it, this country will be but a short blip in the long history of mankind. And that includes speaking against the corporate and banking power currently strangling our political system.

Don’t take my word for it – you can “Google” all of the above.

Lorelei Kraft

Park Rapids