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Letter: 88th Legislative session has begun

Tuesday, Jan. 8 marked the start of Minnesota's 88th Legislature. We have a lot of work to do between now and the end of session. Even with this anticipation of challenges, I am optimistic about the work we will accomplish.

A top priority for this year's session will be finding long-term solutions to our budgetary problems. Currently, we face over a $1 billion deficit for the next two-year budget cycle that begins July 1st. When you combine that with the $1.1 billion we must still pay back to school districts across the state, the budget challenges we face this session are clear. It's time for new, sustainable policies.

This session, I am honored to serve as Chair of the Senate Tax committee. As tax chair, I am open to hearing any and all suggestions as to how we can make our tax system fairer. Furthermore, I am committed to working with the Governor and the House to make sure we protect the middle class. Additionally, I will sit on the Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Division of the Finance committee, the Rules and Administration committee, as well as the Tax Reform Division of the Tax committee.

Again, I am honored to serve as your State Senator from District 2 and I look forward to the great work we'll do this session.

Sen. Rod Skoe