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Letter: ­­­Enbridge values landowner relationships

At Enbridge, we deliver energy – safely and reliably – to millions of homes and businesses every day. Our pipelines transport crude oil, natural gas, propane and other products, but that’s not all that our pipelines do.

Along the pipe, Enbridge employs over 10,000 workers, contributes millions of dollars annually to the communities where we operate and pays tens of millions in local, state and federal taxes. You probably expect these things from any responsible company.

What you might not expect is that Enbridge has built relationships with thousands of landowners during our 65-year history. From ranchers and farmers to suburban homeowners and urban dwellers; from tribal lands to those owned by towns and villages – our landowner relationships take all shapes and sizes.

Our pipeline projects begin with a landowner’s decision to do business with us – not the other way around. Oftentimes, it’s over a cup of coffee at a kitchen table where a new project or maintenance work is discussed, leading to more conversations.

Listening to and acting upon landowners concerns is important. Why? Because we value these long-term relationships. We learn from each other and, in the process, build trust that can last generations. Are we perfect? No, but we try hard to meet the expectations of our landowners.

Yes, the Sandpiper Pipeline Project will safely and reliably transport crude oil that will, in turn, produce fuel for our homes, our vehicles and our economy. Likewise, Sandpiper will also create hundreds of jobs, support more local charities and pay millions in new tax revenues to Minnesota and its communities.

Enbridge is committed to creating and furthering cooperative, productive and trustworthy relationships with our landowners – and has for more than 65 years.

John McKay

Senior Manager, Land Services