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Law office of James Perkett now open

Jim Perkett sits in his office, ready to serve the community he also calls home. (Nick Longworth / Enterprise)

In a perfect world there would be no car accidents. All business practices would be fair and ethical, all real estate transactions completed with a clear conscience.

No lawsuits would even exist.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, but reality. It is 2014 and in Minnesota it is just about as real as it gets.

Local attorney-at-law- James “Jim” Perkett knows this to be as truthful as anyone.

A graduate from the University of South Dakota, the Apple Valley native recently opened his own office at 104 Park Avenue North in Park Rapids.

After working at Rogers law offices in Bemidji for a couple years and then for Twin Cities-based Kroll Ontrack another couple, he eventually found his way back to the Park Rapids area, ready to serve the community with his knowledge and services.

“I had been an attorney for seven years when I got the opportunity to come back to Park Rapids. I really enjoyed the area from my time in Bemidji. I worked (in Park Rapids) for Peloquin & Beck for about a year and a half when I decided I basically wanted to go out and do my own thing,” James Perkett said.

“I opened officially about a week and a half ago. I’m doing pretty good and have a couple cases. I’m just trying to let people know that I am open and happy to help however I can.”

Perkett wasn’t necessarily “born” to be a lawyer. There was no drastic, life-changing moment that drove Perkett to law, but rather it was a culmination of various interests that pulled together over his collegiate career.

“I went to college studying biology and natural resources. I had been interested in law, but wasn’t specifically going for a career in it. Over the course of my undergrad college career, I happened to take some courses that focused on legal issues and legal systems. I got to know a couple of attorneys while I was in school, including some of the guest speakers,” Perkett said.

“Legal issues involving natural resources and the environment were kind of my jumping off point. It just kind of grew into a career from there. Once I was interested in those things, I started studying the legal components of the issues. It was just a lot of little smaller things and my interest grew more and more,” Perkett said.

Realizing there is more than one attorney in town in which people can choose from, Perkett thinks there are a lot of different factors that ought to be considered when choosing who might represent you in a time of need.

“Choosing a lawyer is an important decision and a lot of factors go into that. The knowledge and experience an attorney has is important. But the personality of the attorney and feeling comfortable with somebody is also just as important,” Perkett said.

“As a result of that, I offer a no-charge initial consultation for someone to come in and discuss concerns or legal questions that they may have; I’m happy to spend some time talking with them. My hope is to allow them to be comfortable to talk to me and see what they would like to do moving forward. I have a small and personable office. I am very accessible. I am very open and always try to get people the resolution that they are happy with,” Perkett said.

“I would encourage a potential client to sit down and meet with an attorney and come to their own conclusions. There is the Hollywood component to the practice of law and then there is the actual practice of law and I think people may be pleasantly surprised.”

Now firmly set in his new office, he and wife Angie - alongside daughter Hayley - look to enjoy their life as Park Rapids residents, while also hoping to provide a necessary service to the community.

“Some of the things I can offer are flexible services specifically tailored to the needs of my client. I specialize in real estate and property law, family law, estate planning, some business law, guardianships and a little bit of natural resources law. I have also had the opportunity to do some appeals that have gone to the Minnesota Supreme court and ruled out favorably,” Perkett said.

“I am a dedicated person and very conscientious. I try to be very detail-oriented, which is essential in this job. I am also a very good listener. I try to be patient, because the issues that a lot of people face can be challenging and so it’s important to take the time and make sure they are comfortable with what is happening and understand the process,” Perkett said.

“I encourage people to take advantage of the no-charge initial consultation and if it’s something I can help them with I will be forthright and more than willing. But if it’s not, I would encourage them to see a different attorney. If I know someone who can help, I will try and send them that way."

The law offices of James Perkett can be reached at 237-2323.

Nick Longworth
A graduate from St. Cloud State University, Nick photographs and writes a variety of stories for nearly every section of The Park Rapids Enterprise. His duties also include section layouts and online content submission.
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