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Know the facts before you vote

During this very important election, I felt compelled to write this letter in regard to the Senate race between incumbent Mary Olson (D) and John Carlson (R).

In an article in the Bemidji Pioneer in October of 2009, after a meeting held in Bemidji on Health Care Reform, Mary Olson said, "I have no hesitation to say that I come into this with a bias," Olson said. "I don't mind saying, as far as I'm concerned, we can throw out all the insurance companies in this country and I won't apologize for that." With that statement in mind, I would like to let Senator Olson know just a number of other things that drive up health care costs, besides the "evil insurance companies":

1) Encourage small business health plans. (allow small business to pool together and offer health care at lower premiums, just as Large Corporations, and Big Labor Unions do).

2) Enhance the Health Savings Accounts. (This is a great way to save for future health care needs or to help pay premiums and keep health premiums down. Democrats want to do away with this or lower the amount that can be saved).

3) Last but probably most important is, end frivolous law suits! Forty percent of doctors reported avoiding prescribing appropriate medication because they knew the drug might be involved in litigation. (from Lawsuit Abuse website).

Know the facts before you mark the ballot box in November.

Mike Rasch