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Homer has the experience

While being a certified law enforcement officer is a requirement for becoming the Hubbard County Sheriff, it is certainly not the most important requirement. In this era of complicated budgets, personnel management, communication skills, and equipment and facility management, the skills and abilities necessary for such a position go far beyond being a deputy. The Hubbard County Sheriff must be, above all else, an excellent administrator with the skills and abilities to develop and manage budgets, manage a diverse staff, develop and manage equipment plans, manage facilities and manage grants.

Being the public face of the department, the Hubbard County Sheriff must have the skills to communicate effectively with individuals, small groups and large groups, no matter the situation, verbally or in writing, in person or electronically. Additionally, a very large and important part of communication is active listening and this is skill not easily developed. Sheriff Frank Homer has these skills.

In my mind there is only one candidate for the office of Hubbard County Sheriff who has the skills and abilities to be in the position. That person is Sheriff Frank Homer. His personality and demeanor, his administrative skills, his communication skills and his relationships with other law enforcement agencies and the community are far superior and in place.

These are serious times requiring someone capable of performing the sometimes difficult tasks of managing a department. In other words, experience matters.

Dick Kimball

Park Rapids