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Highway 34 through Nevis is dangerous

Over the last few days the Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a speed survey on the stretch of State Highway 34, starting just west of the Lake Belle Taine access and continuing east past my business, approximately a mile.

The request for the survey had been made by the Nevis City Council and by me preceding.

The complaint, and request for the survey was for a very important reason.

It is impossible, impassable and very dangerous at most times to negotiate on to State 34 from any intersection in the city limits.

There was discussion about the issue, and it is apparent that the angles of the intersections could not be feasibly changed. Thus, the request to lower the speed limit was presented. At which time it was brought to my attention that you can't just lower speed limits, you have to conduct a study. And after that study you take what 80 percent of the traffic is driving at. That can then be your new speed limit.

Great, if the study provides the data that is in the best interest for the request.

If not, then what?

Raise the speed limit even higher or just go with status quo?

This matter needs to be addressed; there are five businesses and two major intersections along this stretch. In comparison Akeley has one major intersection and not many more businesses along their stretch of 34 yet the speed limit is 30 through town.

It is time for change. This is about safety and nothing else, we need to cut through the red tape on some of these issues and make decisions based on common sense and not always procedure and statistics.

Thank you for conducting the speed survey. Let's move forward.

Justin Isaacson