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Have an honest debate, please

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression those that don’t read the news are uninformed and those that do are misinformed. In my lifetime that has never been truer than now.

Journalists have a very important role in society; they should make sure that both sides of issues are presented fairly and accurately. When they aren’t, the people distorting the issue should be exposed for that distortion or lie. In some respects, I think journalists are like officials or umpires of a ball game making sure our leaders play by the rules and levy penalties or fines when they don’t. It’s frustrating when they make a bad call, especially when it affects the outcome of the game, but we forgive them if it’s an honest mistake. In my opinion, most reporters and journalists today are so biased to the left they actually become players for the team they like. Remember they actually spoke of Obama as Messianic when he was running for president.

The first of two ways to affect public opinion is to present a very biased view as factual. The second is to simply under report or fail to report a story that doesn’t support the narrative you favor. Remember President Obama’s mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the criminal activity of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now; dropping the suit against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, fast and furious; and the trial of abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, charged with killing seven babies born alive.

Perhaps you don’t remember, since they were only reported when the Internet or Fox News reported them and the television networks of ABC, NBC and CBS were forced to acknowledge something about them.

Perhaps if I were liberal, I either won’t see the bias or I won’t care, since it helps the democratic narrative.

The danger of being misinformed, of course, is we all deserve better. If our point of view can’t stand up to honest, factual discussion, we need to reevaluate what we think.

It is impossible for us individually to start that honest debate, but national media could and should.

We all have ideas on what we would like discussed, but here’s a few I think are worthy of honest debate: Obamacare; gun control; the flood of new regulations; entitlement reform; sequester coverage; immigration reform, Arab spring today; foreign policy failures; the false Benghazi narrative; national debt; unemployment; growth of the welfare state; global warming; redefining religion in America; the list is almost endless.

If you feel these are being honestly addressed by the media, you have just proved my point! I would beg the national media to present unbiased debates or facts and trust the American people to make good choices based on what they hear without the media trying to lead us to a conclusion the media favors.