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Letter: In God’s eyes, all deserve chance to live

When I see some of the opinions and letters to the editor I get downhearted.

Some people attempt maybe to use the sandwich technique: compliment/criticize/compliment, yet they only have one slice of bread. They are an open-faced sandwich or no sandwich at all.

Last week there was talk of women’s rights and the progress that they have or have not made in the past few decades. I am all for women’s rights and the rights of all people. I am also in favor of children’s rights, more specifically, unborn children. I just can’t understand how one can sit on high and preach about one’s groups rights and not another.

Not only does that not defend

other’s rights, but it takes them away, and endorses it through murder. If you can’t see that abortion is murder than you are one without compassion, one without soul. It is entirely hypocritical to preach civil rights for one group and not another.

What and who makes the doctor and/or the woman the one who can dictate death? What if the unborn baby is a girl? Well, then, haven’t you just cut off your nose despite your face?

You have just taken that future woman’s rights from her before she can even become a woman.

I don’t care if you disagree and still want to murder babies. As we move forward not backward, maybe we can someday have equality and rights for all peoples, born or unborn, man or woman, white or black.

In God’s eyes we are all equals, and we all deserve a chance to live and breathe. There should not be any people that can judge and condemn the innocent and the unborn.

God has mercy and will forgive those who repent!

Justin Isaacson