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Go to proper sources for information

As a citizen and taxpayer of Akeley, I would like to respond to the letter posted by Tom Moore in the Oct. 7 issue of the Northwoods Press. This letter addressed the concern for the condition of the "sewer ponds" of Akeley.

My first point I would like to make is that the correct term is "waste water treatment facility". It is fully stated on the "No Trespassing" sign posted at the gate.

If one wants to know what condition the ponds in the facility are in, all he/she needs to do is ask the water /sewer maintenence supervisor. He has to keep detailed records of everything that is done to maintain and operate the facility. There is also a manual explaining what the responsibilities of the supervisor are and how the system is to be operated and maintained. This is public knowledge and everyone is more than welcome to read it. In fact I would encourage Mr. Moore to do so before taking a tour of the facility.

The water and sewer maintenence supervisor has received awards from the MPCA, for his management of the wastewater treatment facility, every year it has been operated under his license. There is only one violation issued in the past 10 years, concerning nitrate levels and that was before this operator had this position. The facility is in full compliance with the permit regulations mandated by the MPCA. The license to operate this facility is under the current supervisor's license. He is also a taxpayer of Akeley and understands the responsibilities that go along with the licensure that he carries.

Citizens have never been "welcomed" to freely enter the facility unsupervised. It is not a "park," one can take a stroll through. There is raw sewage out there. Raw sewage is dangerous to your health. That is the purpose of the facility, to treat raw sewage in an area away from the citizens of Akeley to protect them.

I encourage anyone who is truly concerned with the condition of the wastewater treatment facility to ask the supervisor. Going to the proper sources for information is better than relying on rumors and innuendo.

Andrea Thelin