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Downtown cleaning starts this week

City crews began power washing and sealing the decorative concrete on Main Avenue this week. One block at a time will be closed off to allow crews to work. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

Main Avenue is being power washed and re-sealed this week in downtown Park Rapids. Drivers might experience some delays as one block at a time will be closed off.

Public Works director Scott Burlingame said he had received a quote for almost $20,000 from the company that installed and sealed the decorative concrete. He told the Park Rapids City Council he was confident city crews could perform the washing and sealing for much cheaper.

"I think we can do it for $5,000 or less in house," Burlingame said. "We didn't currently budget that money but it needs to be sealed because it's the second year."

Councilman Paul Utke agreed and said the city was aware of this required maintenance when the project was done.

Burlingame wasn't sure how long blocks of Main Avenue would need to be closed off to seal the concrete but planned to do just one block at a time.

"I'm estimating it will take us at least three days a block," he said. "Washing we'll start at 4 a.m. or so to allow for ample drying and then do sealing in the afternoon."

Councilors asked if it made sense to block off one side of the street. Burlingame said it would be difficult to manage the traffic because the colored concrete is in the center.

"We'll leave it up to Scott and however he can do it most efficiently and safely," Utke said.

"I know I can do it faster if I can block off one block at a time," Burlingame said.

Crews will also be putting sealant on the granite lake inlays on downtown corners to make them less slippery. They will use the sealant on a test stone before using it on the actual inlays downtown.

The cleaning and sealant work will be paid for through city reserves.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
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