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Cravaack says yes to life

I am a 29-year supporter of Congressman Oberstar, a wife, mom, government employee, township supervisor, farmer and union president. Because of everyone "I work for," I can no longer support Oberstar. Here's why.

Oberstar has a 33 percent record of voting pro life, recorded by the National Right-To-Life Committee, Inc. Washington D.C. That's a 77 percent record of voting no to life.

Oberstar voted for "cap and trade," which will raise electric rates 40 to 50 percent, and motor and heating fuels up to a dollar more. Everything that uses energy will be more costly ... that's not "working for Minnesota." This bill will close many Minnesota businesses and raise the yearly cost of living $2,000 to $3,000 for Minnesota families in the middle of a recession!

Oberstar voted for the "health care bill," which will ration healthcare, place bureaucrats between you and your doctor, add a 3.8 percent tax when selling your home, and unconstitutionally require citizens to purchase an inferior product. It funds abortion clinics, and threatens our right to own guns. More taxes than Minnesotan's cannot afford!

I am voting for Chip Cravaack who says yes to life, yes to Minnesota, no to bigger government.

Terry Lovgren