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Courts Oct. 9-Nov. 4

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Park Rapids,Minnesota 56470
Park Rapids Enterprise
Courts Oct. 9-Nov. 4
Park Rapids Minnesota PO Box 111 56470

Oct. 9

Christopher Glenn Smith: 23, of Winter Haven, Fla., speeding, 80/65, $300.

Oct. 12

Melissa Lee Hensel: 35, of Park Rapids, 2nd degree burglary, dwelling, Aid/Abet-GOC, $385 fine and $2,084.21 restitution.


Antonio Valentino Smith: 22, of Park Rapids, 5th degree assault, 90 days in jail.

Oct. 29

David Michael Anderson: 17, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation.

James Thomas Boyd: 36, of Oakland, Calif., speeding, 74/55.

Daniel Brian Hayward: 26, of St. Paul, speeding, 74/55.

Charles David Rebtoy: 42, of Maple Grove, speeding, 64/55, $120.

Danielle Marie Richter: 19, of Bemidji, speeding, 75/60, $140.

Lonnie James Sorrell: 51, of Coon Rapids, speeding, 65/55.

Charissa Kae Andreoff: 43, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation.

Laura Jean Wagner: 38, of Laporte, vehicle registration required.

Nov. 2

Aaron Joseph Dodge: 26, of Laporte, DWI, $915 fine and 30 days in jail.

Brian Thorkild Nielsen Jr.: 31, of Laporte, disorderly conduct.

Jason Eugene Starr: 29, of Park Rapids, domestic assault, 90 days in jail.

Anthony Cole Bundy: 34, of Park Rapids, seatbelt required, $105.

Carollyn Goldia Dennis: 74, of Park Rapids, driving after cancellation, stay of adjudication, $150.

Melissa Joy Koebernick: 37, of Menahga, speeding, 50/40, $120.

William Dane Little: 26, of Orlinda, Tenn., speeding, 74/65, $120.

Jessica Marie Miskovich: 27, of Pengilly, speeding, 80/65, $140.

Kyle Duaine Ness: 36, of Fargo, speeding, 65/60, $120.

Erin Elizabeth Riley: 21, of Bemidji, speeding, 64/55, $120.

Hope Nicole Torma: 25, of Menahga, seat belt violation, $105.

Timothy Ryan Watts: 23, of Solway, speeding, 64/55 and driving without a valid license, $225.

Michael Paul Wiese: 26, of Shevlin, seat belt violation, $105.

Cynthia Cizmek Jones: 63, of Park Rapids, driving without a valid license, $185.

Douglas Blayden Kirkham: 31, of Menahga, DWI, $510.

Bernard Frank Shore: 21, of Minneapolis, predatory offender, knowingly violates registration required or intentionally provides false information, 14 months in Minn. Correctional Facility.

Darren Leon Trumble: 29, of Park Rapids, domestic assault and driving after revocation, $245 fine and 30 days in jail.

Jason Eugene Starr: 29, of Little Falls, driving after cancellation, $85 fine and 60 days in jail.

Shannon Marie Ocken: 39, of Park Rapids, speeding, $120.

Nov. 4

Gary Alan Nicklason: 58, of Nevis, speeding, 43/30, $130.

Robbin Phillip Wood: 53, of International Falls, speeding, 64/55, $120.

Matthew Lee Geiser: 33, of New York Mills, failure to display ATV registration, $105.

Mathias Axel Carlson: 19, of Detroit Lakes, seat belt violation, $105.

Sheila Marie Cordahl: 39, of Park Rapids, speeding, 55/45, $120.

Ryan Michael Mann: 31, of Garden City, speeding, 65/55, $120.

Danielle Janelle Peterson: 20, of Detroit Lakes, seat belt violation, $105.

Gregory Troy Tank: 54, of Pillager, speeding, 65/55, $121.

Carla Leanne Keezer: 38, of Park Rapids, issue dishonored checks, $2,547.61 restitution.

Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.