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Clarifying sheriff's department statements

To clarify your statements Mr. Dvorak, I must point out that I actually work at the Sheriff's Department and I'm not basing my information from a short meeting with the Sheriff. This 2006 Chevy Impala and the car "juggling" you are crediting the Sheriff with isn't quite free like you said.

The county actually paid for two of those vehicles when they bought them new. The Impala was acquired on a drug forfeiture, which is in fact a benefit for this county in these economic times. But I didn't see you or the Sheriff present when the drugs or the car were seized. That was my arrest and I was happy we could put the vehicle I seized to good use.

And because I do work where I do I can also tell you that Hubbard County's drug officer was never replaced. We had one for many years and now the Sheriff decided to go without. The outside task forces you mention have great officers and we do pay them to work here from time to time but it doesn't come close to having our own drug officer. That was a huge loss for Hubbard County. The occasional 24 hour coverage that we get because that position was put back into our rotation schedule does not make up for the loss of a drug officer.

I also must question how wonderful the corrections facility really is doing as you say. The only way to truly know is to ask those that work there. And when you hear it straight from the horse's mouth it will make more sense why a jail on June 1 that had 102 empty beds is not doing wonderful.

Sgt. Cory Aukes

Park Rapids