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Christmas lights tour fun for residents

On the beautiful winter night of Dec. 16 with the snow sparkling and the stars shining bright, 21 residents and tenants of the Heritage Community bundled up for an extra special Christmas delight.

Thanks to their friends at Hubbard County Heartland Express they were able to tour the Christmas lights that lit up the city of Park Rapids. Christmas carols played softly in the background as the buses traveled through the city streets. Each neighborhood seemed to be prettier than the previous, with no one house being deemed the "best" - how could there be just one "best" when they were all so spectacular?

The ride was not nearly long enough; in the warmth of the bus the residents and tenants could have looked at lights for hours! Our wonderful tour guides even made a quick stop so we could have some candy canes when we got home!

Thank you so much Hubbard County Heartland Express for helping make our Christmas even more special!

Danielle Olson

Director of Housing & Community Services

Heritage Community